4 Smart Benefits Ideas For An All-Female Workforce

From achieving professional milestones, to struggling for equal pay, the female workforce has set some positive examples over the past few decades. Today, many companies go above and beyond to reward their female employees and ensure that they’re well-compensated. However, designing an appropriate benefits plan, especially for an all-female workforce, can be challenging. You need to come up with smart benefits to attract and retain top talent.

While all-female workforces are quite rare, especially when it comes to certain industries, they do exist. Companies with only female employees are usually not-for-profit organizations working towards the empowerment of women.

Unlike other organizations that offer standard employment benefits, these companies take a rather interesting approach, in the form of a radical benefits outlook, when it comes to rewarding its employees.

Choosing smart benefits for an all-female workforce requires understanding the day-to-day challenges of an average female employee.

If you’re having difficulty selecting smart benefits for your all-female workforce, here are 4 ideas that can suit any budget/industry.

1. Telecommuting/Flexibility

Let’s start with the basics.

A survey by Robert Half revealed that about 28% of US employees have quit a job because of their daily commutes.

Women, especially those with kids, often struggle with commuting to work.

Most would prefer working from home, rather than travelling each day to their workplaces.

To cater to this need, you should give them the freedom to telecommute/work from home, or from wherever they want, as long as they get the job done.

This benefit isn’t limited to all-female companies. Today, almost every other organization gives its employees the choice to work from home.

Here are some tips on how you can do that without compromising on productivity and communication:

  • Use a project management/team collaboration software, such as Asana, Monday.com, etc.
  • Provide company laptops and/or access to online tools that are necessary to get the job done.
  • Set clear expectations, so that the employees don’t misuse the flexibility.

Remember, at the end of the day, you’re not paying salaries to seat-warmers. As long as the job gets done on time, it shouldn’t matter where the employees choose to work from.

2. In-Office Daycare

In the US, center-based daycares can cost $11,666, a year.

That’s a significant amount, especially when compared to the annual paycheck of an average US employee.

When it comes to female employees with kids, an in-office daycare is one of the best benefits you can offer.

Even when given the option of a maternity leave (which is a basic right, mind you), most female employees are forced to quit their jobs because of the rising cost of childcare.

If you’re an all-female company, you cannot afford to lose your precious human capital one by one.

To tackle this problem, build an in-house daycare.

All you need is:

  • An empty room
  • A couple of toys
  • A full-time nanny or employees willing to volunteer.

By offering this benefit, you can:

  • Increase workplace productivity, as your employees wouldn’t worry about leaving their kids at a daycare or with nannies
  • Decrease workplace absenteeism, as employees would be able to bond with their kids at work.

By solving this problem, you can attract top talent to your organization.

3. Self-Care/Beauty Allowance

Next on our list of smart benefits ideas for all-female workforces is a self-care or beauty allowance.

As the name suggests, this involves providing a certain amount of money, as allowance for products and services related to self-care or beauty.

Products targeted towards women, also called ‘pink products’, are often sold at higher prices when compared to those that are ‘for men’.

Sadly, same is the case with basic sanitary products.

As a result, a lot of women struggle on a day-to-day basis to make ends meet, put food on the table, and invest in themselves.

A self-care/beauty allowance, which lets you to pay towards the costs associated with cosmetics, spa, salons, etc. for your employees, could go a long way in establishing a positive relationship with your workforce.

4. Maternity Allowance

As mentioned above, maternity leaves are basic rights. Offering them is the bare minimum.

However, the concept of ‘maternity allowance’ isn’t so common. This is next on our list of smart benefits for female employees.

Even if you don’t count the associated medical costs, childbirth can be expensive.

The diapers and formula alone can put a dent on your wallet.

To tackle this problem for your female employees, you can offer a certain amount as maternity allowance to new mothers for 3 to 6 months (depending on your budget) after they’ve given birth.

Ideally, this should be offered on top of their standard pay (which they should continue to receive during their maternity leave).


As discussed earlier, selecting the right perks for female employees is a whole different ballgame.

If you have an all-female workforce, you can’t go wrong with the smart benefits listed above.