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Preparing Girls for a Stable Future

As volunteer teachers for techfuturegirls.com, we want to work on the empowerment of the female gender at an early age. As female teachers ourselves, we feel the need for the female gender in the information and technology sector. To do this, we need to spark interest at a very young age. We focus on attracting more girls to learn the technological side of things at the age of nine to fourteen. The perfect age where their curiosity and focus is sharp.

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Female Empowerment Should Start at an Early Age

After catching the interest of young girls to learn information and technology, we want to nurture it by consistently publishing free blog content that girls from 9-14 will get interested in. Away from the basic science content that'll bore these active minds. But materials that'll ignite their interest in science knowing its importance and involvement in their everyday lives.

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Preparing Girls for a Stable Future

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